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Useful Websites

These sites are controlled by outside agencies and we cannot take responsibility for ensuring their accuracy.

Click the links below to view the websites. If you have any useful websites of your own, or you want to comment on the websites listed here, please let the school know.

Topic Websites

Rainforests - Where are the rainforests? Info on rainforests for kids

History website - Useful for Victorians and World War 2

Website with information on European Countries. Another website with information on Europe and a website with a geography of Europe game.

Recycling - , ,

Maths Websites

Times tables -

General / Mixed -


Language Websites

Spelling -


General / Mixed - Another school's website which has an amazing amount of links for most subjects. - A good mix of games.


Internet / Mobile Safety

Worried about Bullying?

Bullying - What Can I Do?